Naruto Shippuden 2 – Bonds

When a mysterious group of ninjas attack Konoha they leave devastation in their wake. The ninjas are discovered to be from the Sky Country – a civilization that was destroyed during the second great ninja war. Amongst the wreckage Naruto encounters a doctor named Shinou who is helping to heal the wounded. Later at the hospital, Shinou’s young pupil, Amaru, bursts in looking for him to help, as her own village has also been attacked. Now, while a four-man cell is counterattacking the enemy’s base, Naruto, Sakura and Hinata are accompanying Shinou and Amaru to her village so they can help. As the Sky Country attempts to start another great war and bring the world into despair Naruto will have to try and stop them himself. With the power of dark chakra at the Sky Country’s disposal, Naruto is faced with a powerful and dangerous enemy; though all is not lost, especially when help arrives from a most unexpected source…

[ Hardsub Inggris by DB ]

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