Detective conan movie 10 : The Private Eyes’ Requiem

Kogoro, Conan and the rest of the gang have arrived at Miracle Land for a special and mysterious job. Upon their arrival, the client’s aide passes out a free park pass – a bracelet – to each of the kids and adults, and sends everyone but Conan and Kogoro on their way. Unfortunately for our heroes, the client is anything but kind; three detectives before them have been summoned to solve his mystery, and three detectives have been killed – via the explosive device in the bracelets – for not being able to solve it in time. Unless Conan and Kogoro use their powers of deduction to solve the mystery by the evening, they and all of their friends will die! They will be joined by Kaitou Kid and other familiar faces; can they discover the identity of the client and figure out the mystery in time?

part 1
part 2

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