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EvNeon Genesisangelion [complete]

Tuesday, 11 October, 2011

In the future, a devastating event known as Second Impact has destroyed Tokyo as we know it, giving rise to Tokyo III – a city under siege by mysterious lifeforms known only as Angels. Mankind’s only line of defense are the Evangelions, a set man-made machines piloted by a trio of fourteen year-old teenagers, Rei, Shinji, and Asuka. The fate of Japan and the entire world now lie with these three children, though they might not have the power to save the most important thing of all: each other.


Mirror : Indowebster

NGE-remastered_ep01[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep02[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep03[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep04[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep05[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep06[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep07[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep08[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep09[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep10[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep11[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep12[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep13[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep14[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep15[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep16[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep17[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep18[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep19[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep20[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep21(Directors Cut)[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep22(Directors Cut)[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep23(Directors Cut)[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep24(Directors Cut)[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep25[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot
NGE-remastered_ep26[A2000A][Divx-AC3] | screenshot

Episode 1~4, 15~19 = credit to shinkan..
Episode 5~14, 20~26 = reupload credit to indra0i