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Digimon Adventure Complete

Wednesday, 5 October, 2011

Four years before the Digidestined were transported to the Digital World, and before they met their Digimon partners, they had no idea what Digimon were. That changed late one night when Taichi and Hikari Yamagi watched a Digi-Egg appear out of their computer screen. When it hatched, it changed the fate of the eight kids who were chosen to save the Digital World. However, Taichi and Hikari were more concerned with how to hide the growing Digimon in their apartment. Little did they know they’d soon see their second, and much less friendly, Digimon…
Digimon Adventure 49
Digimon Adventure 50
Digimon Adventure 51
Digimon Adventure 52
Digimon Adventure 53
Digimon Adventure 54(FINAL)

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